A Personal Service

Owners tell us that the special factor that makes our private estates attractive and happy places is the estate manager. They set the tone, welcoming and assisting owners to settle into new homes and are on hand for advice or emergencies. Their services are given in a professional manner, without intruding, allowing owners to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

There are variations in the way the service is delivered. On some estates Cognatum employs resident husband and wife teams, one primarily responsible for the office side and the other for gardening and general maintenance. On other estates there may be a single resident or non-resident estate manager available in the office during the morning and on call at other times, with the gardening undertaken by an outside contractor. Deputies are employed to cover time off and in all cases our services to residents operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Managers are responsible for the day-to-day running and maintenance of grounds and buildings. They arrange for window cleaning and rubbish collection. Depending on the estate, there may be other things to look after such as a mini bus, guest suite, laundry or swimming pool.

Although owners are responsible for the internal maintenance of their home, they can take advantage of contacts with local suppliers and trades people, built up by the estate manager. If a little more assistance or care support is needed, managers can help find the appropriate agency. In an emergency they are there to provide immediate short-term comfort and assistance. It is a very important and demanding job, and each of our estate managers brings their own style to the task.


Estate Manager outside retirement property